DL Hughley Documentary Asks If Black Men Are An Endangered Species
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DL Hughley Documentary Asks if Black Men are an ‘Endangered Species’

In DL Hughley’s new documentary for Comedy Central, the comic-turned-political commentator lobbies the Environmental Protection Agency to declare black men an endangered species.

The documentary, which premieres this Sunday at 11 pm,  takes on the myriad of problems that face the black underclass in inner cities, with what Slate’s Troy Patterson says is a tricky balancing act of humor and seriousness.

The meat of The Endangered List is a series of interviews Hughley conducts with experts, blowhards, model citizens, and random gangbangers, ostensibly gathering data to present to the government. The best explores crime; the host attempts to talk some sense into two teenage Crips, then talks to a policy guy about the prison industry, then buys the Crips shares in a company that operates for-profit prisons. The irony when he hands them their stock certificates is almost as vicious as the nature of mass incarceration itself.

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