Seven "DIY" STEM Projects For Kids

7 DIY STEM Projects For Kids

(Image: Black Girls Code)
(Image: Black Girls Code)

Do you have a child who’s curious, loves to take things apart or ask questions about how things work? If so, it’s possible you may have a child who would love to explore the science, technology, engineering and math fields (STEM).

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Hands-on learning experiences beyond the classroom can help take their creative and curious minds to the next level. From creating your own iPad sleeve to building a marble roller coaster DIY or “Do It Yourself” projects are popular activities for both kids and adults. Here are 6 DIY STEM projects to consider:

Creating an electromagnetic train – Using principles from Sylvan Edge classes, kids can learn about electric polarity, what can cause a short circuit (and what the effects of that are), and how an open circuit is also a bad idea. For more information and instructions visit the Slyvan Learning blog.

Build a DIY spin art machine with snap circuits – Making a spin art machine is similar to putting together Legos. This engaging activity teaches kids about electronics and how to build a variety of circuits. The activity takes about 10 minutes. Check out reviews and instructions on Tinker

Make a homemade bottle thermometer – Does your child ever wonder about heat energy and temperature measurement? If so, this hands-on fun project shows you how to construct a homemade thermometer. Visit to learn more.

Make natural dyes— With Easter at our doorstep, this could be a fun activity for the entire family. Using plants found in your backyard and ingredients found in your refrigerator such as spinach and red onions you can make down natural dyes. Check out Pop for detailed instructions.

Create crystal eggshell geodes – The Connections Academy is a form of free public school that teaches K—12 students beyond the walls of the classroom. Using a few common ingredients found in the kitchen, kids can learn how crystals grow inside of a geode. Check out the Connections Academy infographic to learn how to get started.

Build a marble roller coaster - provides an exciting repository of project based engineering projects for kids. According to Instructables, the Marble roller coaster is a class favorite, and has received high ratings from both parents and teachers. Watch a video of the project below.

Make Compost –If you have a child that loves playing outside in the dirt, giving them a lesson in composting may be perfect them. In an effort to protect the environment, composting is a great way to help divert waste from landfills and waterways. By simply taking note of what’s in your backyard, you can get started with composting. Do you know which composting method is best for you?  This infographic helps you decide.

Do you have any engaging DIY STEM projects for kids? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.