Digital Snapshot

Digital Snapshot

Failure is an option.

Mediocrity isn’t. With mediocrity risks are avoided, and life is lived by default. In our April collection of, we have artists, business people, and entrepreneurs who’ve weathered the storm, reinvented the game, and stepped out of the shadows. Dr. Janet Taylor shows us how to see the upside of failure, and use the power it teaches us and how to use the lessons as a springboard to the next great adventure.

When I first heard Janet Jackson was coming back on tour, I doubted it would really happen. When we are tugged on both sides–by family, work–sometimes one part suffers for the sake of the other. So, how do we meet our business needs and self-care at the same time? Our editor, Courtney Connley shows us how we can learn from Janet’s latest career move.

We need to express our needs even if the world disagrees. With my own public failures, I’ve learned this to be true.

Here’s another thing–what happens when it’s time to completely change the game and try something new? That’s what our 11 African American Cannabis Entrepreneurs have done–breaking down barriers to a multimillion-dollar industry and growing. We’ve led the charge on this growing industry and what it means for African Americans who want a piece of the pie, the steps to take, and the people to know.

As we take our digital platform to new heights, we dive into the sensitive issues of Silicon Valley that prove age is the new black–a rare white perspective of what it feels like to be rejected because of something you cannot change.

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When I hear the stories shared in our digital meetings, I get excited for our readers.

There’s nothing better than knowing that someone today woke up feeling like a failure–a new venture flopped, a business partner quit, or the bank loan didn’t go through–and left our site empowered again. Our expert editors have intimate knowledge of their space and generously share it with you. You get a do-over, a fresh perspective when you come to

And finally, when the do-overs are done, we end with grace like Daisy Lewellyn, a BE contributor. RIP.

Couple all of this with the knowledge that failure is an option, you have a month of exciting BE content to help you plan your next bold move.