Dark Skinned People Are Viewed As Less Intelligent [Study]

Surprised? Study Shows Dark Skinned People are Viewed as Less Intelligent

black man in suit
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black man in suitFrom MadameNoire

Do you think that people are judged according to the color of their skin? A study published in the journal Sage Open seemed to confirm this question as a fact.

An experiment was recently conducted with university students that showed correlations between a person’s belief that someone is ignorant based on darker skin.

Madame Noire discusses the experiment and its findings. In both experiments, students were subliminally shown one of two words: “ignorant” or “educated,” reports The Huffington Post. Then they were shown a photo of a black man after which they were shown seven photos with the same man’s face just with varying skin tones. Three photos were darker in skin tone, three photos were of lighter complexions, and one was the original. Next, the students were asked to select the correct photo.

The study participants who were initially shown the word “educated” most often selected a man with lighter skin-tone.

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