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Cruise Control

Like most successful businesses, Benny Black’s Platinum Motorcars ( was born out of desire. Black, who lived on a bartender’s salary after graduating from college, wanted to drive expensive cars without having to pay for them. That was 10 years ago. Since then he has grown his online rental service–providing sport, luxury, and exotic cars–to a fleet of 15 vehicles and added chauffeur service. Rental prices range from $349 per day for a Corvette to $2,499 per day for the Ferrari 599. Last year Black opened a brick-and-mortar dealership in Dallas. Here he shares what makes these vehicles so appealing.

Favorite sports car for handling
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 “With its all-wheel drive, it’s a car that can’t get away from you.”

Most requested sports car

Lamborghini “Hands down Ferrari is the classic exotic car, but newer, younger money likes the flash of the Lamborghini.”

Favorite luxury vehicle
Rolls-Royce Phantom and Rolls-Royce Ghost “The Phantom is one you should be driven in, but the Ghost with its v12 engine is comfortable with easy handling. And it has a grille that, when you pull in anywhere, just shuts the place down.”

Most requested luxury vehicle

Mercedes-Benz S550 “Few luxury vehicles meet their standard. Many clients like it chauffeur driven. It doesn’t scream money but it shows class. It’s a sexy car.”

Best sound system
Lexicon’s Logic 7 “Their 15-speaker theater package in the Rolls- Royce Phantom is like sitting inside your own cinema or media center.” Rolls-Royce is the first automotive manufacturer to offer the fully Lexicon-branded system.

Favorite car for automotive technology
Mercedes-Benz CL63 “With adaptive driving control, the seat adjusts with you on turns. It’s a great feeling. Also, its night view assist feature alerts the driver to even the smallest animals on the road.”

Favorite automotive mobile device

AirIQ Global Positioning Device Tracking “It allows me to monitor my vehicles for distance, speed, and rpm [revolutions per minute] levels. I can disable any vehicle from my iPhone if the driver’s been abusing the car.”

Favorite online automotive tool “When looking to buy a car, I can compare what consumers are paying to what I might be paying.”