Creative Industry: Tips for A Better Resume

Creative Industry: Tips for A Better Resume

If you already work (or are seeking work) in a creative field, the pressure to be creative yet not go overboard can be overwhelming. How do you stand out? Whats the best way to make an impact without totally turning off your prospective employer?

Check out a few tips from Brazen Careerist:


This may sound simple, but the layout is something most people wouldn’t even consider when submitting a resume. If you work in a creative industry, attention to detail matters! To make sure your resume stands out from the rest, your layout needs:

  • Full name, contact details and the position you are applying for. This makes your resume much more personal. Your name should be larger than the rest of the font.
  • Your work history in reverse chronological order. Bullet-point your skills and experience to make it easier for your potential employer to read through.
  • Education listed after your work experience. Formal education may not be needed for all positions, but if you’re applying for a Web developer role or something similar, your potential employer will want to see your qualifications.
  • Hobbies and interests. If you have relevant hobbies, list these on your resume. You don’t have to go into too much detail, but listing them shows how awesome you are outside of work and gives great talking points for the interview.