How $32,000 Looks Living in Waco, Texas vs Brooklyn, NYC

How Two Women Live on $32k in Waco, Texas and Brooklyn, NY

cost of living waco brooklyn

cost of living waco brooklynThe cost of living in a big city is vastly different from that of a smaller town.

BuzzFeed shows the difference between two twenty somethings who earn nearly the same salary but live in different locations.

Madeline Harrington lives in Brooklyn, NY on a salary of $31,000 with two part-time jobs. Mia Francis of Waco, TX has a salary of $33,000 with one full-time job.

Madeline’s home is a “three” bedroom that she shares with roommates, her portion of the rent and utilities totals $900. Meanwhile, Mia lives in a three bedroom home with a backyard and washer and dryer and pays $500 for rent and utilities in the portion of her rent she shares with her fiancé.

In this scenario where would you rather live?