The Connection Between Your Attitude and Company Morale

The Connection Between Your Attitude and Company Morale

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My job as a business owner is to lead. While that may consist of a lot of different tasks, the most important is making sure that my team is working together well, that all the moving parts are churning along smoothly, and that everyone feels like they’re doing their part to produce something great. Sounds simple in the long run, but every single day can present minor challenges to company morale that build up over time.

More often than not, those challenges really depend on how you’re feeling: not only is attitude contagious; it also directly affects work behavior. If you’re worried that your attitude has been negatively impacting your company culture, ask yourself the following questions. 

Are you showing trust in your employees?

In the beginning, it can be hard to delegate tasks to others when your livelihood, your dreams and your “baby” are on the line. For the first few months of your company’s existence, perhaps you were flying solo, shopping your precious ideas around tech and VC conferences and sacrificing all of your time and money for a dream. You then were able to take it from a seed to a real company, all to your exact specifications.

When the work begins to be too much and it’s time to hire, it’s hard to trust others to do things the exact same way you do. The problem is, these concerns can escalate into a stressful environment: hovering over your employees shows a lack of trust. When people feel mistrusted and micromanaged, it can often lead to nervous slip-ups.

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