How Young Companies Can Take Advantage of Co-Working Office Spaces

How Young Companies Can Take Advantage of Co-Working Office Spaces


Expanding your office is one of the most exciting and important moves a young company can make, but that doesn’t mean it comes without anxiety.

Setting goals, budgeting, hiring, holding investor meetings, and planning are huge priorities. And with that type of acceleration, other essentials can sneak up on a CEO, including the physical space we work in. When a startup is grinding to get off the ground, necessities like office space sometimes get left on the back burner during discussions about the future. At Rukkus, we wanted to put as much of our energy (and stress) into our product as possible. So when it came to office space, we took the co-working route early on, and we haven’t looked back.

When transitioning a business from conception to creation, people throw the word “growth” around liberally. Conversations usually come in terms of dollars or KPIs. But at our company, we include both people and physical space in those talks. In a few short years, we’ve grown our team from a single person working out of a New York City apartment to a group of over 25, and that number is increasing on a monthly basis. We’ve been able to grow seamlessly with the help of our co-working space provider, WeWork. They have enabled us to remain focused in other ways.

Like many other co-working spaces, WeWork provides shared office space for entrepreneurs and startups around the world. When Rukkus first launched, I moved from a desk in my apartment to a shared desk in WeWork’s “Labs” space: an open plan of shared desks for other like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers trying to get their businesses off the ground.

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Manick Bhan, a former banker at Goldman Sachs, is the CEO and CTO at Rukkus.

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