Christopher Dorner's ID Found in Big Bear Cabin

Are the Remains from the Big Bear Cabin Christopher Dorner’s?

From Global Grind

After a shoot out and a raging fire subsided at a cabin in Big Bear, California, a body was found amongst the rubble. Due to the charred remains identification was not immediate, but it is believed to be those of ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner.

Dorner reportedly fled to the cabin after being pursued by police officers, one of whom was killed by gunfire. Police became privy to his location by a maid who was tied up in one of the cabins. She was able to free herself and call 911. This lead to him stealing two vehicles and holing himself up in another cabin.

It is unknown whether the fire was started inside the cabin, or by the police as a means to “smoke him out.” There was no indication by sources that he was able to flee, and according to earlier reports, his identification was found inside of the cabin.

A late breaking update has been released saying that Dorner’s ID was found inside the cabin.

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