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WATCH: Chris Rock Lists His Favorite Rappers In ‘Top Five’ Trailer

WATCH: Chris Rock Lists His Favorite Rappers In ‘Top Five’ Trailer

After earning supreme praise from critics whom attended the Toronto International Film Festival, Chris Rock’s Top Five is ready to grace the masses in this new trailer.

Written and directed by the former Saturday Night Live performer, Top Five sparked quite the bidding war. The film has been dubbed the comedian’s Annie Hall and rightfully so. Rock plays Andre Allen, a globally recognized comedian who hopes to win respect from audiences with a new drama.

“I don’t feel like doing funny movies anymore. I don’t feel funny,” Rock says in the first Top Five clip. Therein lies the rub–the movie is really funny. Smart, timely, and packed to the max with headlining stars: Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Rosario Dawson, J.B. Smoove, Leslie Jones and Tracy Morgan, among others.

With Jay Z and Kanye West on board as co-producers, you can easily see why Top Five emerged with a whopping $12.5 million distribution deal with Paramount Pictures.

Top Five is out in limited release around the country on December 5 before it hits nationwide on December 12.


SOURCE: Vanity Fair