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Chris Curtis Preaches

In November 2006, Web business
consultant Chris Curtis began looking for ways to turn her frustration into a learning tool for the online business community. With more than 12 years of experience under her belt, Curtis, 37, realized that it was impossible to help her clients get the results they wanted because they simply had unrealistic expectations about the Web development process.

So in January 2007, Curtis, who helps clients create a Web presence for their businesses, began recording the Web Business Ownership series, a collection of 20 free e-seminars available through her Website,

“You have to know the business of the [client] in order to effectively represent them on the Web,” says the Philadelphia native, who also hosts The WebWise Business Show (, an online talk radio show that streams live at 6:00 p.m. EST on Internet radio. Curtis, a mother of three, also co-hosts Tech Talk Philly on the terrestrial radio station WURD in Philadelphia.

“At we teach people that there are three fundamental keys to ownership: design, functionality, and visibility. You must have some combination of the three to grab your visitor.” Curtis’ free audio series, available via MP3 downloads and podcasts, features guest speakers such as millionaire success coaches, business credit specialists, and graphic designers who have expertise in at least one area of business marketing. The speakers participate in the series at no cost.

But the audio series, which Curtis developed using free software, is just the tip of the iceberg: The Website also offers an array of business courses via e-mail, design concepts, links to free software tools, and a weekly focus on a Web-related topic. Curtis has recently put a new series of e-seminars in place. “The Web is not a place to just sit around and read-[it’s] an interactive [vehicle] that allows a visitor to become engaged in information.