Chinese Kindergarten Teacher Detained for Hitting Students [Video]

Chinese Kindergarten Teacher Detained for Striking Students

A Kindergarten teacher from Sky Montessori in China is under investigation after a video was released of her hitting several of her students repeatedly for giving wrong answers to math problems.

The parent of a child who came home with bruises and swollen eyelids complained.

“Between 4 and 4:30, my daughter was hit 70 times, slapped about 70 times on the face, and kicked in the butt twice,” the father of the 5-year-old girl said. “That’s for my child. Another was hit 40-some times, 43 times. Another one was hit 10 times, and another 27 times.”

The video released by LiveLeak shows the teacher, Li Zhuqing, hitting several children over and over within a ten minute period.

Check out the video on Huffington Post.