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‘Chef Curry’ is Cookin’ with New Mobile App

Chef Curry - Featuring Steph and Ayesha Curry (PM Studios)

It looks like Ayesha Curry is taking her cooking skills digital. NBA superstar of the Golden State Warriors Steph Curry and wife, author, TV personality, and chef Ayesha Curry have partnered with PM Studios to produce their very own mobile cooking game.

“Chef Curry,” will take on the popular time-management cooking game genre allowing players to run a fast-paced restaurant with Steph and Ayesha Curry. Users have the option to play as Steph, frantically serving customers while trying to accommodate their picky tastes. The goal is to manage your resources against a clock, while Ayesha oversees the kitchen.

“Bringing Chef Curry to life has been an incredible experience,” said Ayesha Curry in the press release. “When we were conceptualizing the game, I wanted to make sure it reflected the challenges, intensity, and gratification that goes along with managing a kitchen, whether at your home on Thanksgiving serving friends and family or in a high-paced restaurant serving customers.”

The user can gain points and they continue to play and improve their management skills. As their points grow, they become eligible for upgrades. They can lace Steph with new gear and are allowed access other cool additions and features.

“It was natural for us to partner with Steph and Ayesha to create ‘Chef Curry,’ said Mike Yum, CEO of PM Studios in a statement. “The most important part of integrating Steph and Ayesha into our world of gaming is authenticity, so we worked extensively with them to create an immersive world that’s true to their passions and gives players the unforgettable gaming experience our fans expect from PM Studios.” Both Steph and Ayesha voice their characters.

The rise of celebrity game apps is quickly gaining traction, especially with the success of the Kim Kardashian app. “We have seen the mobile gaming space as a landscape for limitless potential and it is an area which Ayesha and I have been interested in for some time”, stated Steph Curry in the release.

If you are interested in trying out ‘Chef Curry’ it is available for download in the app store on both iTunes and Android devices. Additionally, you can click on the trailer below to check it out.