A Socially Conscious Pediatric Dentist

Champions for Children

Christopher Harvell and his wife, Lezli Levene Harvell, owners of Dental Kidz (Photo by Rayon Richards)

Dental Kidz

Owners: Christopher Harvell, Dr. Lezli Levene Harvell

Location: Newark, NJ

Number of full time employees: 12

Founded: 2008

What it does: Full-service private pediatric dental practice servicing a lower socio-economic area

2009 Revenues: $476,000

2010 Revenues: $1.1 million

2011 Revenues: $1.6 million

2012 Projections: $2 million

How they made it: Husband-and-wife team created private pediatric dental practice model in which 80% of patients pay with government-subsidized insurance. Couple intends to expand their dental practice regionally over the next three to five years.

Christopher Harvell and his wife, Dr. Lezli Levene Harvell, have melded their expertise in business and in medicine to form a lucrative yet socially conscious enterprise that endeavors to do well by doing good. Their cutting-edge facility provides dental care for children in the Newark, New Jersey, area where 42% of children live below the poverty rate and around 73% receive government medical assistance in the form of New Jersey FamilyCare/Medicaid.

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