Career Advice From Most Powerful Exec Ann-Marie Campbell

[WATCH] Game-Changing Career Advice From Most Powerful Exec Ann-Marie Campbell

Ann-Marie Campbell's career advice
(Photo courtesy of The Home Depot)

She’s one of Black Enterprise’s Most Powerful Executives in Corporate America, and she’s sharing the career advice that got her there.

Ann-Marie Campbell, the executive vice president of U.S. stores for The Home Depot, leads the three U.S. operating divisions of the world’s largest home improvement retailer, including around 400,000 associates and 2,000 stores.

Campbell knows firsthand that the corporate climb is not an easy one, so she’s doing what she can to pay it forward. “We have to stretch our hand out and help someone,” she says, “pull someone up.”

Sharing the wisdom she’s learned over her more than 30 years at The Home Depot, Campbell encourages the next generation to be confident:

“Believe that you can. The dream is real. It can happen,” she says. “It will happen if you keep yourself focused on performing. The ticket to the game is performing.”

For more of Campbell’s career advice, watch for her five game-changing strategies for young professionals: