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Can’t Find a Job? Buy One!

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On a daily basis, I consult with people that are at a crossroads regarding their career.  Some are in a job or career that they are unhappy in for various reasons. Others have been downsized from a corporation they have given most of their career to, and they are considering new opportunities. Some have been looking for a new job for an extended period of time, but can’t seem to find anything.  There are several options available to people, at this point, but one that is rarely considered is buying a job.

Buy a job?  That’s right!

Purchasing a franchise is a great way to employ yourself, potentially employ others, get involved in your community, and eliminate the stress and anxiety of the threat of being terminated or ending up in a job you don’t like.

We tend to think of franchises as physical, brick-and-mortar stores that require a team of people and employees to run.  However, there are plenty of franchise opportunities available that enable you to work out of a home office–and the only staff is YOU!  Even though you are starting a business, you’re essentially buying a job for yourself, and how successful you are at that job is completely up to you.

One of the best parts of this situation is, in some cases, you don’t need additional education or certifications to be successful. The franchise trains and/or certifies you on all aspects of the business.

Here are some franchise opportunities for buying a job or career:

1. Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruiting


Patrice & Associates is the nation’s leading Hospitality recruiting firm. They specialize in placing the right candidate by deploying a very aggressive approach to finding top talent. The candidates they are placing must have a minimum of two years of management experience and be currently employed. The majority of their placements occur within the restaurant industry, but they also recruit for hotels, travel plazas, casinos, and retail, when the openings are available.  They are SBA approved and offer a veteran’s discount.

Investment range: $75,000 – $100,000

2. Expense Reduction Analysts


Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) is one of the world’s leading networks for cost, purchase, and supply management. For more than 20 years, ERA has been offering individuals the opportunity to build their own businesses and achieve a rewarding work/life balance. Its franchisees save their clients’ money in more than 40 cost categories, including freight, telecommunications, office supplies, fleet management, insurance, and more.  They also have a veteran discount program.

Investment range: $66,000 – $85,900

3. Assisted Living Locators


Assisted Living Locators offers placement and referrals to seniors for both in and out of home assisted care.  Assisted Living Locators started franchising in 2006, and they now have over 50 franchises operating throughout the country.  They are looking for owners that want to be advocates for seniors, are good relationship builders, are self-motivated, and can follow direction.  They are SBA approved and have a veteran’s discount.

Investment range: $59,300 – $70,550

4. Crestcom International


For more than 25 years, Crestcom International franchisees have trained business people across the globe in the areas of management and leadership. Today, Crestcom has grown to become one of the training industry’s most successful and widely used management and leadership programs, and it’s among Fortune magazine’s “Top 100 Companies.” Businesses turn to Crestcom to help transform managers into leaders and generate real business results. Crestcom’s training program accommodates companies of all sizes–from small to mid-sized businesses, to global multi-national organizations. They are SBA approved and have a veteran’s discount.

Investment range: $85,000 – $104,000

5. Parker-Anderson Enrichment


For over 25 years, Parker-Anderson Enrichment has offered the most diverse selection of kids programs than any other franchise. This afterschool enrichment program educates children through hands-on learning.  Students simply stay at school for an extra hour–no tests, no books, but meaningful ways to learn–tactile, visual, and fun!

Investment range: $37,380 – $109,500


Nancy Williams earned a degree in sociology from UCLA with a specialization in urban studies and business. Her first business was a partnership in a small record label right out of college. After working with a few tech startups, she concluded her career in the corporate world with 14 years at Sprint, a majority of that tenure as a director in customer and sales operations. Nancy started NValuable Franchise Consulting, in order to provide free consultation, relevant insight, pertinent and candid feedback to her clients, so they are able to confidently purchase the right franchise. As a result, her clients achieve financial independence and a positive, enduring impact on their families and local communities.