Cameroon To Host 38th African Travel Association Congress

Cameroon to Host 38th African Travel Association Congress #ATACameroon

Once regarded by most Americans as the “continent doomed with poverty, diseases and wars,” many are unaware that Africa is on pace to be one of the most attractive tourist and economic investment destinations for Americans.

In knowing this, the 38th congress of the African Travel Association will bring together over 500 delegates this week to discover all the beauty that Africa has to offer. Created in 1975, the African Travel Association, (or informally known as the “ATA”), aims at promoting the African tourism destination and encouraging African Americans to come back home to know their culture through a “Homecoming diaspora festival jamboree.”

Cameroon, referred to as ‘Africa in miniature’ thanks to the diversity of climate, culture and geography, will serve as the official host to the ATA Congress from October 16-20th. Cameroon offers sites ranging from the volcanic sand beaches of Limbe – and white sand beaches of French speaking Kribi – to wildlife and so much more. This will be the second time Cameroon has hosted the 38th congress, having previously hosted in 2004.

The event is designed to provide opportunities for learning about current trends, networking and exploring Africa’s products and services. The ATA annual Congresses are always attended by well known and experienced American tourist executives, African Heads of State, African tourism ministers, government officials, African companies specializing in travel trade, policy-making and tourism marketing strategies.

Stay tuned for exclusive coverage, live from Cameroon at the ATA Congress!