Business--It’s Not Complicated: 4 Strategic Steps For Success

Business–It’s Not Complicated: 4 Strategic Steps For Success

CEO of It's Not Complicated Tutoring Jay Veal
CEO of It's Not Complicated Tutoring Jay Veal (Source: Jay Veal)
CEO of It's Not Complicated Tutoring Jay Veal
CEO of It's Not Complicated Tutoring Jay Veal (Source: Jay Veal) recently met with Jay Veal, CEO of It’s Not Complicated Tutoring (@INCTutoring ) along with Gloria Veal, communications program manager. It’s Not Complicated Tutoring is a private, prescriptive tutoring company specializing in one-on-one tutoring for achieving individual results. The organization is based out of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, but has clients in various regions.

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The organization serves clients in math, science, STEM, and standardized test preps via in person and virtual tutoring. INC is extremely passionate about providing its students with cooperative learning environments, conforming sessions and tutoring tailored to each pupils’ specific learning style. Jay possesses a background in IT technology and an astounding reputation for teaching and educating others.

Here, Jay provides us with the formula to help produce a successful business:

Start with Your Vision
Jay’s company started with the grassroots approach. It was just him in the beginning, knocking door to door. Starting with about 1-5 clients and later realizing he needed more help, he brought additional consultants on board. Today, with 9 consultants on the team, INC has been able to build partnerships with organizations such as the Jack and Jill Organization, where they provide tutoring to different families in the Dallas, Texas, area who need tutoring services. Although he runs the overall operations of the company, Jay still tutors students. He simply took his passion and made it into a business.

What Sets You Aside
To gain clientele, Jay let his prospects know his qualifications. He informed potential clients of how he differed from big box stores. He explained that his service was prescriptive and specific to each individual and it provided quicker results. In order to build your business, tell consumers what you offer what your competitors don’t. Accentuate the qualities that make you the best at what you do. Be zealous about your products and services and really know your industry so no one can tell you that you are inadequate at what you do.

Secure Your Business
Keep in mind, you cannot do everything by yourself. You can’t go into any type of business and build it with just one person. You have to build the right team to go along with you as you increase your customer base. In order to secure your business, be sure that you hire the appropriate people for the appropriate jobs. When it comes to success, it is vital to hire people who will be as passionate about your company as you are! This will result in your clients receiving the same experience from staff members that you yourself would provide.

Challenge Yourself to Produce More Growth
Check on your business. Jay holds quarterly meetings to monitor both the company and its employees. Topics discussed include partnerships, essential employee resources, and how well current procedures are working. Checking on your business will allow you to develop ideas for growth and change. It will also give you opportunities to work on your business, instead of always in your business. Jay reminds himself, “When you jump off the cliff, you have to build the wings on your way down.”

Jay Veal leads INC Tutoring, the only minority-owned business in DFW dedicated to demystifying STEM subjects for students of all ages. Twitter: @INCTutoring. Instagram: @INCTutoring.

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