Bullied Queens Girl Hangs Herself

Bullied Queens Girl Hangs Herself

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be newsTwelve year old Gabrielle Molina, of Queens, NY, who hung herself on Wednesday, left a  suicide note that talked about being bullied by kids at school, police say.

“There was information in the suicide note concerning cyber bullying,” NY Police Commissioner Kelly said. “Detectives have taken two computers from the home and they will shortly be analyzed. It’s a terrible tragedy.”

Kelly said the students who sent the messages— some of which called the twelve year old a “slut” and a “whore”—are being investigated. Another student took video of a fistfight she was in and posted it on Youtube, calling it “Gabby’s Fight”

The parents of the tormented girl are furious because the school knew the bullying was occurring but did nothing to stop it.