Brandy Butler Talks Transitioning from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship

Brandy Butler, Author of Girl Just Quit, Talks Transitioning from Corporate America to Full-Time Entrepreneurship

Brandy Butler
(Image: Brandy Butler)

Brandy Butler is a speaker, transformational brand strategist, and author.  Her book, Girl, Just Quit was inspired by her journey to leave her hefty salaried IT project management career to pursue her dreams of becoming a full-time entrepreneur and empowering others. Through the work that she does with her clients, Butler can help women leap through mental blocks that keep their brands hidden online. She has helped thousands of women all over the world through her book, coaching, training, and online content. Black Enterprise sat down with Butler to discuss transitioning from corporate to full-time entrepreneur, on becoming an author, and how knowing your Brand Money Code can help entrepreneurs build consistent and sizable income.

What was the transition like from salaried to full-time entrepreneur?

“Stepping away from corporate America and entering into my journey, as a full-time entrepreneur was a very exciting and frightening experience. I spent two years preparing myself mentally, spiritually, and professionally for my career transition. At the time that I left my job, I was working with a business coach who helped me to package my expertise and make my services marketable to my ideal customer. In my book, Girl Just Quit, I share my journey of transitioning from full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur.”  

How has being an author helped grow your business?

“Becoming an author has helped me to gain increased exposure and credibility within my industry. I highly suggest that business owners who are interested in gaining more exposure and attracting new customers publish a book that solves a problem in their industry. Readers can expect to learn the bliss of operating with purpose, as well as the ugly side of entrepreneurship. Although the title is Girl, Just Quit, I am not urging women to wake up and quit their jobs. I am sharing business and marketing strategies for them to utilize so that they can eventually leave their jobs in a very grounded and stable position.”

Tell us about your signature program: Brand Money Code. Why is this assessment necessary for entrepreneurs, and how did it help you?

“Each of us is wired a certain way that can be either advantageous or provide challenges to the money that we bring into our business; it’s like your ‘money DNA’. I call this your Brand Money Code. Through working with women, I have found that many African American women service-based business owners have problems with commanding their worth as it relates to pricing. This, in turn, has a negative impact on their ability to generate sizeable and consistent income in their business. I help my clients understand their Brand Money Code helps to create pricing and infrastructure that supports who they are fundamentally as a person. Once I learned what my Brand Money Code was, it changed everything for me in my business, and I was finally able to fully replace the large salary that I left in corporate America. “

As a survivor of an autoimmune disease, how do you manage your health while balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship?

“Balance is something that I am always striving for. I recently saw a mompreneur post “#thejuggleisreal” and it is but it doesn’t have to be this mythical creature. I make sure that I have designated business hours during my workweek and I have designated off days. I think the grind is overly celebrated and hurts many of us more than it helps; especially if you have an autoimmune disease.”

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