3 Fabulous Books For Fashion and Design Lovers
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Must Reads: 3 Fabulous Books to Inspire Fashion and Design Professionals

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The key to succeeding in the fashion industry is knowing your history. It is by knowing what style ancestors wore before that helps today’s African American designers and stylist in raising the style bar, especially in the digital age. Today, it is imperative that those clamoring for a seat at the creative director’s table— whether creating for your own brands or designing for an international label—understands the concepts and strategy that go into creating a timeless fashion heirloom.

Check out three books that are must-reads for the current climate of the fashion industry. Prepare to be inspired and possibly revamp your entire wardrobe.

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1. Vintage Black Glamour

Vintage Black Glamour curated by Nichelle Gainer started out as a tumblr page dedicated to showcasing the glamorous style of some of old Hollywood’s most revered African American actors, writers, models and dancers. What followed was a huge social media following that devoured the rare photographs and landed Gainer a publishing deal. Some highlight images include Supermodels Beverly Johnson and Donyale Luna and singers Lena Horne getting her portrait done by the late choreographer and dancer Geoffrey Holder.