'Cafe Mocha' Partners with MadameNoire
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Radio Show ‘Café Mocha’ Partners with MadameNoire

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cafe mochaBlack women in radio are a beautiful shining jewel as rare as a natural black diamond. Find a female of color who is syndicated across American airwaves, and that atypical occurrence creates respectable tremors in the broadcast media status quo. But thanks to a powerful show with a sista-brown name, Café Mocha, the vibrations of positive change are being felt nationwide.

Beginning Oct. 4, Café Mocha will expand beyond the already No. 1 syndicated reach of its all-female driven radio show. Hosted by two-time Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist MC Lyte , TV host/comedian Loni Love, and longtime radio broadcaster Angelique Perrin, Café Mocha is a hit that’s currently heard in more than 25 markets including the No. 1 media center New  York City, along with Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C.

Adding Sirius XM Channel 141 to its audience reach, the show strives to empower, uplift, and entertain through a woman’s perspective to the backdrop of R&B tunes and top-notch celebrity interview standouts from TV, film, politic,s and the community.

Founded by public relations and media maven Sheila Eldridge, and syndicated by Westwood One, the show is the only one of its kind that targets African American women. Aimed at the 25-54 black female demographic that has a combined spending power of $1.2 trillion, it’s no surprise that the show’s expansion includes a new partnership with MadameNoire.com. “MadameNoire has already dominated the online space in terms of traffic and user engagement, so when it came time to think about expanding our platform’s reach, it made perfect sense to partner with a brand like Café Mocha that’s committed to the same mission of engaging and educating women,” said Brande Victorian, deputy editor of Madamenoire.com, in a press statement.

Café Mocha will air MadameNoire’s well-known feature “Did Y’all See,” while Madamenoire.com will write and produce content for CafeMochaRadio.com. The partnership is a perfect match. “MadameNoire.com is a well-established brand and has an incredible following,” says Eldridge, Café Mocha’s creator and executive producer. “Most importantly, its commitment to African American women aligns with our platform to be an advocate and voice for our audience.”