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Black Woman Is the Leader of the No. 1 After-School Program in Texas

Teen Biz Camp

Today, 40% of teenagers are completely unprepared for college and the real world while 72% of teenagers want to start their own business. The one obstacle in their way, however, is a lack of knowledge about how to open a business. That is why Crystal Victoria launched an initiative to help students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

According to WeBuyBlack, Victoria is the founder of Teen Biz Camp, an after-school program for kids ages 13 to 18 that is active in four cities in Texas, including Dallas and Houston. The program, which runs eight weeks, consists of classes taught by a variety of local business owners and professionals. Students receive their very own business starter kit with a tablet and online store and get to know their community through field trips.

So far, Teen Biz Camp has trained 500 teens to become entrepreneurs. Even better is that after eight weeks, students already grow their finances.

Victoria created Teen Biz Camp to help teens go into the workforce with confidence because they are self-reliant. No longer will they have to depend on pensions or job security. Now that they are entrepreneurs, they are able to thrive in any career they decide to pursue. Victoria, an entrepreneur herself, clearly understands this need.

Teen Biz Camp recently launched a brand-new popup shop full of new inventory inside the upscale Galleria Mall in Houston, according to WeBuyBlack. With this pop-up shop, students have the opportunity to sell products in a fast-paced environment. Victoria’s goal for this shop is an economic impact of $360,000 to low-income communities.