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Black Web 2.0’s Angela Benton Talks Startups, Mentoring & the NewMe Accelerator

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What’s an hour long  CNN documentary worth to an aspiring tech entrepreneur? Angela Benton, founder and publisher of Black Web 2.0, found out when she  and seven others were featured in Soledad O’Brien‘s  Black in America 4: The New Promised Land–Silicon Valley recently.

The documentary followed Benton and the other participants in the NewMe Accelerator she co-founded as they perfected their pitches and fine-tuned their business ideas in hopes of getting funding for their ventures. The program shed light on challenges facing black entrepreneurs in an industry that’s not quite as color blind as it believes itself to be.

Benton, a 30-year-old serial entrepreneur and mother, is ready to shake up Silicon Valley and add a little diversity to the mix. We spoke with her to  figure out what she’s learned, what’s next, and if the tech industry is ready for some new ideas and perspectives.

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