Black Ownership of TV Stations Declines, F.C.C. Study Finds

Black Ownership of TV Stations Declines, F.C.C. Study Finds

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A new study by the Federal Communications Commission found that the number of black-owned television stations – which was already anemic at 1 percent – slid even lower. Seven-tenths of one percent of TV stations have black owners.

Asian ownership declined to half of one percent last year, while the share of Latino-owned stations inched up slightly to 2.9 percent. The numbers for radio aren’t much better: whites own nearly 80 percent of all AM and FM stations. The F.C.C. is considering easing some of its regulations on cross-ownership, which critics say will make it harder for people of own stations.

“Providing a count of who owns what is the first step, but the FCC should not proceed with its proposed rule changes without answering those questions,” said Craig Aaron, the president of the media watchdog group Free Press said.  “Past research shows these communities are the ones that are harmed most by further consolidation, particularly the proposal the FCC is poised to adopt.”