Black Blogger Month: She Geeks, The Digital Diva

Black Blogger Month: She Geeks, The Digital Diva

Corvida Raven, founder of

Corvida Raven, founder of

The self-proclaimed “Oprah of the Web” isn’t giving away luxurious trips to the tropics, free cars, or loads of her all-time “Favorite Things.” Instead, 24-year-old technology blogger Corvida Raven is offering up something far more valuable: a comprehensive look at all-things digital via her award-winning blog,

Just three weeks after launching her blog in 2008, Raven, who has been blogging since the eighth grade, was hit with a series of opportunities that helped solidify her position in the digital space. To date She Geeks has led her to big breaks with Fast Company, General Motors and Intel; freelance writing gigs with ReadWriteWeb and Laptop magazine, among others, and travel opportunities that have taken the Miami, FL native from Austin, TX to as far as Berlin, Germany.

Raven’s keep-it-real approach to tech reviews (yes, if a product is “crappy,” she’ll tell the masses) has earned her various awards, including Best Technology Blog at the 2008 Black Weblog Awards, one of Glamour magazine’s 21 Amazing women in 2011 and recognition as an Influential Women in Tech by Fast Company. As part of Black Blogger Month, sat down with the rebellious young techie to discuss her brand, why she’s so invested in the younger generation and the importance of STEM education.

I started blogging…

Just for fun. I’ve always loved technology, and blogging was another aspect of technology to explore with amazing niches like Web and graphic design. I also saw it as a way of projecting my voice in communities that I admired on the Web.

The overhead for running my blog is…

Less than $50 a year. They can be very cheap, or free in some cases. Money usually isn’t a problem if you’re looking to start a blog. It’s making the time and keeping up the energy to maintain it that challenges people.

She Geeks stands out because…

I try to make technology easy to understand without dumbing things down; I’d rather pull my readers up. I think my readers are smart whether they know the latest technology or not, and I treat them like that when I write about things.

The biggest mistake I ever made in business was…

Not being more confident in my talents, and the impact I could make. It’s a challenge to accomplish this when the industry you exist in doesn’t reflect you in a way that makes it comfortable to not just be confident but also be yourself. I’ve learned and continue to learn how to not repeat this mistake.

In business, you should never be afraid to…

Be yourself–ever! It’s the worst thing you can possibly do to yourself, and to whatever you’re trying to pursue.

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