Laz Alonso Takes On The World As Black Atlas Ambassador

Laz Alonso Takes on the World As Black Atlas Ambassador

Laz Alonso, travel ambassador, Black Atlas
Laz Alonso, travel ambassador, Black Atlas (Image: Chantell Black)

Some of the most popular people in black media and entertainment came out to support actor Laz Alonso as he celebrated his appointment as travel ambassador for The site is American Airlines’ social network that provides insight on various places around the world from an African American perspective.  As the face of Black Atlas, Alonso will travel to various locations and documents his trips to give viewers a taste of what to experience in these countries.

When brainstorming about possible venues to hold this festive occasion, Curtis Coats, vice president of engagement marketing for America Airlines says he was looking for “something that was unique, something that was historic, something that spoke to our culture and history. When I thought of that, Studio Museum immediately came to mind.”

Studio Museum, located in the heart of Harlem, New York, is filled with statues and artifacts highlighting the African American experience, so when legends such as actor Robert Townsend and media maven Harriette Cole are in attendance, it’s a perfect fit.  Alonso shared the stage with George Carrancho, vice president of diversity marketing for American Airlines, during the news conference to discuss the purpose and vision of