Bill Cosby Returns to NBC
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Bill Cosby Returning to NBC With New Show

Headshot of Bill Cosby
(Source: Facebook)
Bill Cosby (Image: Facebook)

According to The NY Daily News, Bill Cosby could be returning to TV next year. The series is being described as a “classic, extended-family sitcom” with Cosby in a familiar role as the patriarch. The show is currently in the writing stage, NBC executives said.

Cosby’s most popular and well-received show was on the NBC station for eight seasons. When it did air, it helped put NBC at the top of the ratings game. Cosby then headlined another sitcom with his first TV wife, Phylicia Rashad, on CBS several years later.

Hopefully, the show will succeed unlike another recent show by another former NBC star, Michael J. Fox. NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt acknowledged being disappointed with those results. “We struggled and worked really hard to figure out how to bring an audience to that show,” he said. “We just found it very difficult to grow that show over all those months.”