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Betting on Palin

Some people will bet on just about anything, and there are seemingly limitless outlets for people to get their betting fix.

The latest to come across the radar, with a press release no less, is “Ireland’s largest bookmaker,” Paddy Power. The company allows bets on more than 30 different events, including rugby, snooker, financials, greyhound racing, and European politics.

In its announcement, Paddy Power says it has seen a “steady flow” of support for Barack Obama to be the next American president. The company was even “forced” to lower the odds for Obama yesterday 1:2 to 4:9 after betters reacted negatively to news of Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin’s pregnant and unmarried 17-year-old daughter.

Paddy Power doesn’t think Palin, who has 8:1 odds, will remain on the Republican ticket in November. The bookmaker is open to bets on what other information will emerge about the relatively unknown candidate.

Ken Robertson political betting analyst for Paddy Power said, “We’ve had numerous requests from punters [bettors]  across the globe looking for odds on different stories to emerge regarding the Sarah Palin, breaking and entering an igloo at 250:1 is my personal favorite, but I would consider it extremely unlikely!”

Paddy Power is also taking bets on a driving offense at 5:2 odds, a moose burger addiction at 33:1, and a claim of a past abduction by aliens at 500:1.

Paddy Power’s Election Betting Update

Will McCain drop Palin?

8:1 Sarah Palin is dropped as the Republican VP candidate
20:1 Sarah Palin is dropped as the Republican VP candidate by Sept. 7

Who Will Be the Next U.S. President?

4:9 Barack Obama
13:8 John McCain
1000:1 Paris Hilton

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