The BET Awards Are Still Ours - Support Black Businesses As Much As You Complain about Them [Opinion] - Black Enterprise

The BET Awards Are Still Ours – Support Black Businesses As Much As You Complain about Them [Opinion]

BET Awards

Earlier today, right before our morning meeting ended, I asked the team if anyone else had heard that the 2018 BET Awards show was “trash.” And, yes, I used the word “trash” to gauge whether or not it was as bad as people on Twitter made it seem.

Beyond the answers to my question, I had to push back with this piece because no matter how “low-budget” and “ghetto fabulous” some people might deem the BET Awards, it is still ours. Yes, ours. BET was doing it for the culture and giving black artists credit where it was due before others chose to honor them and allow them to be themselves on mainstream stages.

So here’s my point: We have to support black businesses as much as we complain about them.

How many times have you chosen not to do business with an entrepreneur of color because their prices were too high, their attitude wasn’t spot on, or because their marketing wasn’t up to par? Well, here’s a news flash. In order for black entrepreneurs and business owners to thrive, we must support them. We all have read and heard about the power of the black dollar. But what if I told you that the way that you spend your time is equally as important? It’s true. If you want your favorite black shows to air, you have to tune in. If you want to be able to see yourself represented in higher places, you should invest in professional conferences and summits that support your growth so that we lift as we climb and build. If you want to stay informed and be represented in the media, it’s critical that you support the black press. Hello, somebody.

Put your time and money where your mouth is. You feel me?

We don’t have to drag everything online when we don’t like it. First of all, it looks bad. Second, it furthers the narrative that we don’t support one another. And third, it opens the door for others to come in and capitalize on what we don’t value until “they” do it…

What you appreciate, appreciates in value.