Best Tablet Apps for Shopaholics

7 Best Tablet Apps for Shopaholics


What’s there not to love about a good retail app? They allow you to cut out several hours of window shopping and numerous bags; instead giving you the option to search, select and send your fashion picks right to your doorstep.

Technology has allowed shoppers to peruse the latest fashion trends seconds after models walk off the runway, find an affordable version of this (or next) season’s looks, and have the pieces delivered to you without ever having to leave the comfort of your coach. Today’s fashion and style apps offer users a sharp UI and smart social integration.

Mashable highlights seven awesome retail apps that will help shoppers get the most out of their retail therapy session:


Window shoppers, this one’s for you. Upon loading the free app, several looks modeled by different people slides through UI, and, if you see something you like, click to expand the look for a detailed breakdown of each individual piece. You’ll discover where to pick up a piece, forwarding you directly to the garment’s online page for purchase.


Savvy shoppers will flock to this app. Select one of Hukkster’s shopping partners to enter a gateway for the company’s website, scroll through merchandise and “Hukk” items you adore but find too pricey at the moment. Hukkster will keep an eye on the product and send you a push notification when the item’s price drops, or when it gets tagged a “sale” item, reports Mashable.

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