Bermuda, the perfect vacation destination

Bermuda – The Ideal Island Getaway

crowd dancing at bermuda party
Experience Bermuda's Nightlife

Growing up, I had a friend who went on yearly family vacations to Bermuda and I can remember her speaking of only 2 things: the Bermuda Triangle and pink sand.

I recently had an opportunity to experience this enchanting island for myself and to echo its current slogan, there is so much more.

Before we get into the wonders of the actual island, I have to bring up a few things that make this place a destination must. It’s only a 2 hour flight from most east coast cities, you can go through customs on the Bermuda side upon returning – lessening travel time by about an hour and the currency is equal to that of the US despite being governed by the British.

If those aren’t reasons enough to go, the sheer beauty alone should lure you. Everywhere you looked there is beauty, from the natural landscapes of vibrant greens and blues, to the unapologetic bold yellow and orange homes. It’s no wonder that Bermuda has served as  artistic inspiration for creative types such as Mark Twain, John Lennon and Georgia O’Keefe. A few of the attractions speak to Bermuda’s artistic inclinations such as the Perfumery located in St George and Dockyard’s Glasswork and Rumcake Company glass blowing demonstration.

Being surrounded by water you’d be missing out by not scheduling a few activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and even swimming with dolphins. With Bermuda being the shipwreck capital of the world (a title “earned” by the ships crashing into the numerous coral reefs that permeate the ocean floor close to the island), it allows for some spectacular snorkeling. Through clear water, colorful fish can be seen swimming around actual ship wreckage.  Not sure what beach to check out? Try Elbow Beach to partake in activities like jogging or volleyball, Church Bay for snorkeling or for the infamous pink sand, Horseshoe Bay is your best bet.

Widely known as a honeymoon hideout, Bermuda is not all serene beaches and romantic resorts. Hamilton, the downtown area is where single folks can get their dose of city-life. Bermudians proudly know how to party, as you can hear the latest hits blasting from local bars. Some restaurants also have its own after work party set such as the scene at Sea Breeze restaurant, which overlooks Elbow Beach.