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BE Modern Man: Meet “The Leader of the New School” Howard R. Jean

Coming to grips that he is responsible for his own success, Jean had to suffer through one of the most challenging moments of his life. Lack of preparation and maturity as a business person left Jean in a dark space. “I lost everything including my car, townhouse and every penny I saved,” Jean tells BE Modern Man. “I was in a dark place of depression and disappoint me that forced me to look at myself to see why I wasn’t successful.” Looking back on the outlooks and perspectives he had on life, Jean had a conversation with himself that changed the course of his life. “I began the transformation from employee to employer, from a man with many vices to a man with a vision.”

Raised by a mother who refused to allow her children to be average, Jean did not let his environment control his outcome. “My story is simply a byproduct of what my mother instilled in me,” says Jean. “I am destined for greatness. No cool quotes, no flowery memes or seminars. A simple belief and the mantra that I can be great since I could understand what those words meant.”

The collection of  BE Modern Mans stories serve as a reminder that men of color are impacting the world in all sectors. “To be a part of this type of initiative is a positive turn in reclaiming our power status as men of color, particular black men.,” says Jean. “To me being a BE Modern Man is an ode to a time before integration when the majority of men in our community were diligent in their efforts and lived with purpose. Whether they were a banker, teacher, business owner, father or painter they took pride in their work and were walking billboards for manhood. They were perfect but they were men, real men. They are who this collection of stories is a testament to. Because of them, we are.”

The team congratulates Howard R. Jean for empowering minority men and women with the tools necessary to make a difference in the lives of students across the country. Howard is committed through the (Black Male Entrepreneur Institute) to creating unconventional leaders with non-traditional approaches, and that is why he is a BE Modern Man.

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