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BE Modern Man: Meet “The Leader of the New School” Howard R. Jean

Name: Howard R. Jean

Profession: Education Entrepreneur

Age: 32

One word that describes you: Renaissance

An entrepreneur, insightful educator, exciting motivational speaker, and executive coach are just a few of the roles that Howard R. Jean presents to his audience. Delivering dynamic results that are empowering, educational, and powerful, Jean impacts businesses and schools around the country. The youngest Executive Director of the nationally recognized Call Me MISTER Teacher Leadership Program at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Jean garnered support from Fortune 500 Companies, civic minded, and national press but most importantly recruited, trained and graduated minority male teachers to serve at the elementary and high school level.

Fresh out of college, Jean wanted to make a living while changing the lives of black males in education. “Watching two mentors who are like fathers to me, Dr. Roy Jones, Executive Director of Call Me MISTER and Colonel Jim Paige (RET), Founder of Pioneers in Education Foundation really inspired me to enter into this space,” Jean tells BE Modern Man. He soon began his career as a classroom teacher working with his mentor through his Pioneer Leadership Academy. At 22 he was asked by his mentor to attend a National Conference, and what happened next opened his eyes to the world of consulting. “I was just stoked to attend a conference and have all of my expenses paid for but little did I know, he was going to pay be $1,500 once I returned,” says Jean. I looked at the check and he told me that’s a rate he’d charge for attending a 3-day conference as a consultant.

Mentally focused, and working hard in his passion to build a legacy, Jean feels that it is his mission and purpose to change tradition. “I didn’t come a family or legacy of business owner or large amounts of money,” says Jean. “My sacrifice and hard work is not just about the house in which I live but the homes that my success will build for those who will carry my last name.”

This legacy is already being cemented as Jean works to recruit, train and certify dozens of Black Male Teachers who walk across the stage with degrees and jobs. “Being able to not only help shape the face of America’s classrooms but also the leaders in the communities they will undoubtedly lead and the families they will be able to support because of their profession is a reward no accolade I’ve received to date can compare to,” Jean tells BE Modern Man.

Through a genuine spirit, and the ability to recreate himself as an entrepreneur Jean has become a leader within his industry. “My ability, as an entrepreneur to recreate myself, expanding my skill sets, ability and vision has allowed me to break through the saturated space of “up and comers” and consistently appeal to different audiences, serving various needs,” says Jean.

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