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BE Modern Man: Meet “The Creative” Joekenneth Museau

Black Enterprise -  BE Modern Man: Joekenneth Museau


Name: Joekenneth Museau

Profession: Freelance Creative

Age: 25

One Word That Describes You: Evolving

Writing can be a complicated profession whether you’re an industry veteran or a fresh-faced new jack. For Brooklyn-based author and self-described “freelance creative,” Joekenneth Museau, his life and pen both share an intriguing story.

Inspired through finding his own voice in writing, Museau learned just how helpful the pen could be in trying moments. “Writing helped me through many difficult times in my life,” Museau told BE Modern Man exclusively. “Most people and academic institutions didn’t encourage others to pursue creative careers, but after going to college and working jobs that I didn’t like, I decided to follow my own passion for the arts.” In 2013, he penned his first book, Tales of a Troubled Romantic, and began hosting poetry readings to get his name out.

Museau had his friends and family supporting him as he went  after his well-earned dreams. “I haven’t had my share of haters or dissenters, and if I did, then I must’ve ignored them to the point where they were non-factors. Regardless of the medium I chose to express myself, my friends and family have always encouraged me.”

When we asked Museau why  young men of color aren’t seeing enough of their own heroes in pop culture, and what can be done to change that, he said, “I don’t need the media to tell me how I should live my life. The younger generation should, and need, to know that they can tell their stories in their own unique way. As long as they keep in mind that they should strive to help others through their work, then they would break through the static and make an impact among their peers.”

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