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BE Modern Man: Meet “Mr. Moviefone” Kevin Thompson

Photo: Gino DePinto

Name: Kevin Thompson

Profession: Host/Mr. Moviefone

Age: 27, but I feel like I’m 12. 1999 was a really good year for me

One Word That Describes You: Entertaining

In 2014, Moviefone was relaunched with a new look, an expansion into TV content, and a comprehensive search tool that allows users to find theaters, channels, and streaming services offering movies and television shows. The new look also came with a new face. Kevin Thompson, a TV host was named the new “Mr. Moviefone,” and spokesperson for the brand. After the AOL-owned entertainment info and ticketing service issued an open casting call Thompson, former warm-up man for “The Wendy Williams Show” and host of BET’s “Claim to Fame” game show, beat out several hundred other hopefuls. Thompson’s combination of hosting experience and his passion for movies and TV matched with his charisma and bright smile made him stand out as the total package for the job.

After completing his undergraduate studies at St. John’s, Thompson was a step away from joining the Navy until his mother stepped in and put a halt to her son heading to sea. “I have an aunt that’s been in the army for over 20 years and it drives my mother crazy that she’s gone for months at a time,” Thompson tells BE Modern Man exclusively. “So my mom drove me to Walmart and told me to get a job.” His career at Walmart did not last to long either. “I started interning at CBS on “The Early Show” and 2 weeks after my Walmart visit I started working at ‘”Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”

The kid from Brooklyn, New York wanted to do nothing more than make his mother proud. Education has always been top billing to Thompson who credits his St. Johns education as a key catalyst to his success. “Education is the only thing people can’t take from you,” says Thompson. “It was during my time as an undergrad when a microphone was first placed in my hand. If I never received my Bachelors degree from St. John’s I wouldn’t be where I am today. I look up to the Stephen A. Smith’s, Nick Cannon’s & Wayne Brady’s of the world because they’ve worked very hard to get to where they are and they’re excellent at what they do. It’s important to learn ones craft because being the best at something doesn’t happen over night. Some people are not only born with talent, but they’re blessed with the vision. School tends to be more of a burden for visionaries because all the classes that are unnecessary stand out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately I’m not a visionary, school for me was necessary.”

With a great education, a strong and supportive mother, and internships that put Thompson to work on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, it seemed like nothing could go wrong. But what is life without a challenge. What is a BE Modern Man without adversity? “The beginning of every job is always a little tough for me,” says Thompson. “When I first started warming up “The Wendy Williams’ Show” at the age of 22 it was stressed to me how important my job was. Everyone was older than me and everyone had an opinion on how I should carry myself. Five years later when I became the brand ambassador for Moviefone, I didn’t feel the pressure immediately but eventually it was there. In both cases I had to remind myself who I was and why I was hired. I’m the guy that brings out the joy in everyone.”

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