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BE Modern Man: Meet “Mr. Humble and Hungry” Ricki Brazil

BE Modern Man - Ricky Brazil

BE Modern Man - Ricky Brazil 2

Name: Ricki Brazil

Profession: Fashion Designer / CEO Regal Management Group

Age: 37

One Word That Describes You: Giving

Ricki Brazil, fashion designer and CEO of Regal Management Group is quietly building an empire. Established in 2007 Regal Management group is an innovative company created to assist in the success of artist, entertainers and athletes by providing services which will bring the clients talents to a broader audience.

Responsible for the business and development of key entertainment experiences that span the areas of sports, music, modeling and promotions. Brazil drives the individual expansion and marketability of clients, as well as providing the fundamental tools and public platforms needed to cultivate relationships with third-party entertainment partners around the world. He brings this powerful marketing perspective to each of his clients, most notably Championship boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Mayweather Promotions. As he assist clients and builds key relationships, Brazil is also growing his award winning clothing line Ricki Brazil by Ricki Brazil. The brand has been seen on celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Christina Milian, Karrueche Tran, Tamar Braxton, Eva Marcielle, and Amber Rose. In addition, and has been featured in the Huffington Post for “celebs must-haves” as well as Esquire magazine. Quiet and humble, Ricki Brazil is making noise in the fashion and entertainment management industries.

Looking at his daughter grow from a baby to an intelligent young lady is all the inspiration Brazil needs to keep pushing his talents to the limit. “Everything that I do is to provide for my daughter and make her life as less complicated as possible,” Brazil tells BE Modern Man. “I want to be a example for her to follow.”

The inner-city streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan could have easily overtaken Brazil and led him down a different path. The lure of fast money, and the street life were always a left or right turn away. “There are so many stereotypes that people put on you when you are black and come from the inner city,” says Brazil. “People believe that you can only do certain things, but I refuse to be put in a box. I try to go against the norm, and see things from a different, and much bigger perspective.”

A bigger perspective took Brazil from Grand Rapids to Las Vegas, Nevada, and into a successful career in management and fashion. Ready to step into an unfamiliar realm of self-expression, Brazil’s companies are both innovative in their approach and go to market strategies. “I don’t always follow what the masses are doing, and it shows in my brand,” Brazil tells BE Modern Man. “We want to set the trends not follow them.”

Leading by example, Brazil is making a difference by doing the hands on work to get the job done. “I am working day-to-day with clients to take ideas from conception to completion,” says Brazil. The ability to align the right people and processes with clients and their individual strengths, and goals was something that Brazil had to educate himself on. Earning a degree in business management from The University of Phoenix, was something Brazil believes he had to do in order to become successful. “Gaining a sound understanding of business management knowledge helped prepare me for many opportunities,” says Brazil. “On the flip side, nothing beats hands on experience. Getting out there and just learning and seeing things on your own teaches you how to do the job the best way for you.”

Driven, Brazil understands that he has to work extra hard to accomplish his goals within the industries he is working in. “Things for the most part are not giving to us, so we have to work extra hard to prove ourselves,” says Brazil. “It is unfortunate, but we have to show and prove that we belong, that we are here and we aren’t going nowhere.”

Brazil’s leadership also extends into the local communities of Las Vegas, Nevada and Grand Rapids, Michigan working closely with The Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth in addition to making annual donations to The Habitat Humane Society, and  Troubled Teens of Nevada Program. Never forgetting about home Brazil is heavily involved with the Ottawa Hills Boys Varsity Basketball Team, Grand Rapids Unstoppable’s traveling youth basketball team, and the Endless Opportunities mentoring program in Grand Rapids.

“Being a BE Modern Man means a lot to me, and says that I am evolving as a man,” says Ricki Brazil. “Furthermore as a black man I am showing my younger brothers and sisters that we can do anything we put our hearts and minds to. Never give up and never settle.”

The team commends Ricki Brazil for his ability to stay grounded and do the necessary work needed to become a success. A dynamic and engaging executive on a multitude of levels, we look forward to seeing Brazil continue to humbly climb to the top.

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