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BE Mental Health Week: Listen To These Wellness Podcasts For Your Self-Care Routine

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For Mental Health Awareness week, BLACK ENTERPRISE is compiling useful guides and resources for those struggling with mental health issues within the Black community. Self-care is important to implement into your daily routine and can involve different activities that can reduce your stress level.

One of those activities? Listening to podcasts. Here are some that are centered around conversations on mental health within the Black community

Black Girl In Om

Lauren Ash is the founder of Black Girl in Om, a collective that centers Black women in wellness and resources for those looking to implement a healthy self-care routine.


Hosted by former therapist Davia Roberts, the Affirm podcast fosters conversations on mental health and seeking wholeness in your self-care routine.

Therapy for Black Girls Podcast

Inspired by her directory of the same name, Therapy for Black Girls is hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, who discusses different topics related to Black women dealing with mental health-related issues.

The Bodyful Black Girl

Created by holistic nutritionist and creative arts therapy candidate, Jennifer Sterling, this podcast centers around discussions with women of color struggling with depression, anxiety, and recovering from trauma while offering useful tips on how BIPOC women can thrive.

Between Sessions

Eliza Boquin and Eboni Harris, two licensed therapists, created the show through their Melanin & Mental Health, a service for individuals to connect with local licensed therapists specializing in mental health illness within the Black and Latinx communities.

Fireflies Unite Podcast

This weekly podcast hosted by T-Kea Blackman, a suicide survivor and the founder of Fireflies Unite, a media and communications company focused on mental health-related issues. The show shares stories from different individuals of color who are learning to cope with mental health illness while encouraging those to seek treatment and break the stigma around conversations on mental health.