Back to School Lessons for Growing Business

Back to School Lessons for Growing Your Business

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

As children go back to school, what they do is a reminder for business. Consider all of the things that we remind our children to do, that you might overlook in your business.

The Huffington Post recently came up with a list of lessons given to your children when they return to school that you can apply to business.


The start of the school year is a time to reconnect with friends. You may have lost touch with them over the summer. Of course, the best way to reconnect is not by sharing the details of your tremendous summer, but to first ask them about their experiences.

The same holds true for your network. Take the time to identify those people with whom you have lost contact, and reach out to them. When you do, be sure to start by asking about what they have been up to, and see if there are areas where you can help them. Whatever you do, if you have lost touch with someone, do not ask them for ANYTHING. Express interest, and offer to help wherever you can.