As Sequester Cuts Take Hold, America Feels the Pinch

As Sequester Cuts Take Hold, America Feels the Pinch

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If you went to a baseball game on Opening Day, you didn’t see any Air Force flyovers. Local food pantries have closed their doors. Cancer clinics are forced to turn away patients. And for the neediest among us, Section 8 vouchers in some cities have been cut or eliminated.

These are just a few of the effects that sequestration is having on the lives of everyday Americans. Budgets across dozens of federal agencies and programs were slashed, with employees and administrators taking furloughs. Even the president took a pay cut. A symbolic one, sure. But a pay cut is a pay cut.

“Absolutely we’re feeling the effects of it,” said Cathy Hoskins, according to the Huffington Post.

Hoskins is executive director of the Salt Lake Community Action Program, which just closed a food pantry in Utah.

“And our employees are trying to absorb the biggest parts of the cuts by taking furloughs and having the agency contribution to their retirement plan suspended.”

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