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Comedian Artie Lange Reprimanded for Social Media Jokes

Image: VIBE

Comedian Artie Lange has been recently banned by ESPN after tweeting a host of sexual and racially charged jokes about First Take host Cari Champion.

Lange, 47, explicitly engaged his followers in detailing a graphic sexual fantasy which starred Champion and involved her being a slave owned by Thomas Jefferson, with Lange as the master Jefferson.

Best known as Howard Stern’s former sidekick, ESPN quickly stepped in once the tweet became viral on Nov. 5. An ESPN spokesperson told TMZ, “ESPN has flat out banned him for life” and that “there will be no future bookings” for the comedian at large.

Compounding the issue is Comedy Central, for which the funny man was slated to appear, that has not been nixed. As a result of his actions, Lange attempted to rectify the issue by tweeting an apology directly to the First Take host, but oddly enough added that he was still going to “stand by the joke” as a respected comedian.

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