6 Apps That Make Mornings a Little Brighter

Not a Morning Person? 6 Apps That Make Mornings a Little Brighter

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

If you’re a repeat snoozer, late riser or just not the brightest ray in the am hours, technology is here to help. While it may seem like nothing can assist on those rough mornings, there are a bevy of apps that will set you on the right track, mentally and physically, before you embark upon your day.

Here, Mashable highlights six apps that will make your morning more manageable:


A daily email from Sunrise ensures you’re starting your day in a more organized way.  The Sunrise web app integrates Facebook, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, and Google Calendar, among other platforms into a central location. Not only do you receive weather information, your day’s events with thumbnails and job details of the individuals involved, but you’ll find thumbnails of your friends who are celebrating their birthday that day.

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