Anthropologie Apologizes For Racist Candlesticks

Anthropologie Apologizes For Racist Candlesticks

Anthropologie Removes Racist Candlestick From Site After Backlash

anthropologie mammy dollAs we reported on Friday, the popular store Anthropolgie was caught selling a racist candlestick that included a mammy style doll and an Asian caricature piece for $398. As this story caught traction (after being reported on by Anthropologie added a “This product is no longer available” message to their website, while keeping the photo and the page accessible.

Anthropologie has since apologized for the incident. Sara Goodstein, the company’s public relations director, issued an explanation saying: “An independent artisan makes these one-of-a-kind candlesticks from vintage ceramics. Unfortunately two that we received included extremely inappropriate figurines, and we have removed them from our website. We sincerely regret the offense we have caused.”

The candlestick has been removed from the online store and the page is no longer accessible.