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America Remembers The Late Representative John Conyers Jr.

John Conyers Jr.
Congressman John Conyers Jr. (Image: Facebook)

Over the weekend, America lost a true champion for the black community. Rep. John Conyers Jr., former Congressman for Michigan’s 13th District, died at the age of 90 two years after retiring from his seat. Conyers was a co-founder of the Congressional Black Caucus and made history as the longest-serving African American in congressional history. He served for 52 years.

Today, the world remembers Conyers for his contributions to American history as a leader within the civil rights movement, a critical voice, and a man of stature.

In a statement released by Former President Clinton and Secretary of State Clinton, they shared these sentiments;

“John Conyers was a champion for justice and equality who spent more than half a century in Congress fighting for the people of Detroit and beyond. He made our country stronger in many ways, including co-sponsoring the Voting Rights Act and taking a crucial role in the creation of Medicare. And as the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee during another period of extreme division, he rose above the fray time and again to defend the facts, the law, and the Constitution. He had great gifts of intelligence, knowledge, and determination and made the most of them. Hillary and I send our thoughts and prayers to his family.”

We took to Twitter to see how others are celebrating the life of the late leader and here is what others are saying:

It goes without saying that Conyers left his mark on the world and he will be missed by many.