Why Ambitious Women Are Least Likeable

Don’t Hate: Why Ambitious Women Are Least Likeable

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Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, professional women are perceived in a different light then their male counterparts—especially if they are successful. There is a stigma attached to being successful as a woman that makes people believe that they have abandoned all humanity.

Characteristics that are admirable in powerful men are looked upon with disdain when a women emulates them. Characteristics that have nothing to do with how they conduct business, but with their personal life. Putting their career first and waiting to have a family, working late hours, and basically putting the business first.

In the media today, there are many women who are personifying the character of a strong, ambitious women. A force to be reckoned with. These women are featured in various TV shows as driven—even loners. J. Maureen Henderson a contributor for Forbes speaks with TV critic Emily Nussbaum about the trend a term she calls “Hummingbird.” Although Henderson acknowledges that these characters are fictional, they can be a reflection of reality for many.

“Although they may be fictional, Hummingbirds do illustrate a real-world workplace reality—women who are high achievers aren’t always well-liked. It’s a phenomenon recently discussed in detail by Sheryl Sandberg in Lean In.”

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