Amazon CEO's Net Worth Rises $1.4B Thanks To Smartphone Rumors

Amazon CEO’s Net Worth Rises $1.4B Thanks To Smartphone Rumors

If Amazon releases its own TV box, competitors like Apple and Roku may have to play catch-up.

Sometimes rumors are good things. In the case of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, sometimes they’re very valuable things.

According to Forbes, Amazon’s special announcement on Wednesday about its not-so-secret smartphone gave the stock a boost of more than 5.4%, helping it close at $323.59 on Thursday.

The rise boosted Bezos’ worth by $1.4 billion, making him worth $29.9 billion. That makes him the 20th richest man in the world.

Amazon’s rumored smartphone announcement is being teased on its site, which invites anyone to sign up and attend the event in Seattle.

The smartphone is supposedly outfitted with various cameras that can track the user’s head and face, and create a 3D effect on the display. Amazon posted a promotional video of the device, although it’s held off-screen, with people using it and remarking on it.