Allen Iverson's Post NBA Career Hits 'Rock Bottom'

Allen Iverson’s Post NBA Career Hits ‘Rock Bottom’

allen iverson 76ers uniformAllen Iverson is going through an especially hard time right now and may be hitting “rock bottom,” according to what friends have told the Washington Post.

The extensive expose on the former 76ers player describes a scene during Iverson’s  divorce proceeding in Atlanta in 2012 where he pulls out his pants pockets, and shouts at his estranged wife Tawanna: “I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger.” Tawanna then handed him 61 bucks.

For the past three years, as Iverson chased an NBA comeback, his marriage fell apart and much of his fortune — he earned more than $150 million in salary alone during his career — dissolved. Now, those who once ignored past signals have recognized that basketball may have been the only thing holding Iverson’s life together.

“He has hit rock bottom, and he just hasn’t accepted it yet,” says former Philadelphia teammate Roshown McLeod.

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