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A Peek into African American Tech Usage

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Roughly 31% of African American discretionary spending dollars, or $39 billion, goes toward the purchase of computers, cell phones, and electronics–a proportionally higher percentage when compared with the spending of non-African Americans.
–BET survey, January 2010

African Americans are more likely to have created their own Web content–by blogging, microblogging, and social networking–than members of other ethnic groups.
–Pew Research Center, March 2011

One in 10 African American Internet users now visits Twitter on a typical day. that is double the rate for Latinos and nearly four times the rate for whites.         –Pew Internet, June 2011

African American media habits are TV- and mobile-centric. They own four or more sets per household and spend almost 40% more time watching TV, especially premium cable channels, than the U.S. average.
–Nielsen, April 2011

Sixty-five percent of African Americans demonstrate a propensity to consume online news compared with 47% of other groups; and 47% of African Americans use political and current events blogs, compared with 33% of other groups.
–FCC report, June 2011

African Americans use 1,261 mobile voice minutes per month.That is more than any other group.
–Nielsen, April 2011