A Different World [Wiki], Where Are The Stars of the Show Now?

Decoded: It’s A Different World Without TV’s Favorite Cast

a different world cast
Words by Amber McKynzie

For six years, A Different World aired on small screens across millions of homes every Thursday evening on NBC. As The Cosby Show spin-off sitcom, fans found themselves glued to their television sets as they wondered what fate was in store for Dwayne and Whitley; what scheme Ron was going to conjure up next; and how a story they’ve followed for years would see an end.

Like any show that becomes an additional family member, it’s hard to say goodbye, but on July 9, 1993 more than 10 million viewers bid farewell to the once-ranked No. 3 sitcom on television. Dwayne and Whitley walked down the aisle, and friends like Ron Johnson and Freddie Brooks went their separate ways and the grumpy restaurant owner turned off his lights, but as the cast waved goodbye to their NBC set, their shenanigans and smiles would never disappear.

As one of A Different World’s staples, Lou Meyers passed away just days ago, Black Enterprise is taking a look into America’s 19-year-old sitcom and the actors that made it a television legend. In the words of Whitley Gilbert, “Relax, relate, release,” and see where A Different World has taken you.